Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Great Succeses!

I know I haven't posted anything in a LONG, long time but that is because over the past few months I have accomplished many things. First off, I went to art school. In January of this year I got accepted to Kendall college of art and design (part of Ferris) as a high school sophomore! I was the first sophomore from my high school to ever dual enroll and I passed my class with a solid A. Nextly, as many of you have figured, I like to take photos of horses and as time passed I was asked to be the official photographer for STSHA. Another awesome thing that happened was I finally got my kitty.  I have waited months to get a barn cat and I did, and she is the sweetest thing ever. I even had my own great achievements in school, though I didn't get honor roll (because I got a 70% on an exam) I did get 102% in both my Zoology and Biology classes. I have had a lot of time to think out things and yes I may just now be a junior in high school but I've thought a lot about what I want to do in my future and with months of thinking I have come to  some-what solid conclusion. As much as I love photography I know its very hard to make a living in the business and after being hired by a horse showing circuit and doing their photos, though I may enjoy it and have a talent for it, its not what I really want to do. I want to further my interests in animal sciences and I'm planning on becoming a zoologist or becoming a large animal/zoo vet. With all my animals at home I have found that taking care of them is always the highlight of my day, if you would have asked me two years ago what I wanted to become I would have said "be a photographer" but now I know where my real passion lies, and that is with caring for animals.

This was my final project for my college class, I got an A on it!
This is my cat, Annabelle, she's 9 weeks old. <3

 Some photos from STSHA

Some more photos I have taken recently! 

Friday, November 2, 2012

horse riding....ITS A SPORT

I have been thinking lately, there are alot of things that frustrate me. I always try to be in a good mood but when the weeks been busy and your stuck with tons of homework and projects...UHG, don't even get me started. When i got home the breeders cup was on so i have been watching that all day wich made me think... horse riding is my favorite sport, more than anything. i have rode my entire life and i have been in alot of disaplines. then i remembered a comment someone i know made, they said that motorcross was the most physically challenging sport, that same person said horse riding is not a sport....this angered me to the worlds end. here is the definition of a sport right off of google: "An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others". Horse riding dose infact fit that definition. 
Here are some facts:
-while doing motocross at the peak a persons heart rate can go to 170
-while horse riding a persons heart rate gose to 140 while doing a proper posting trot
-Your heart rate goes even higher when you are jumping or doing barrels or another activity (scientifically proven)
-most people who say riding is easy can't even get in the saddle....
-horse riding is quite possibly the most danegerous sport
          -You can fall and break bones
          -You can, even worse, get thrown off (That is not a soft landing..)
          -Your horse can trip and fall
          -Your horse can slip and roll on top of you (Now thats gonna be a bad day...)
          -This list could go on and on
-In motorcross you are working with a 200 pound bike
-In horse riding you are working with a 1,500 pound animal
-A horse has a mind of its own, they are unpredictable
-A horse rider uses every single muscle in their body
          -Us horse riders have crazy strong legs
          -We also have outstanding abdominal muscles
          -Upper body strength, yup
-In motorcross yes you do use muscles but not to the same exstent
-Lastly, horse riders have nice butts.... my friend and i came to this conclusion

Now, im not saying motorcross isn't a sport, im just saying that horse riding is a sport and that it is far more physically demanding.

I would like to see the person who said horse riding isn't a sport do that....

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's That Time Again...

Today is August 1st, and that means for the next two weeks i will be busy at the fair. on Thursday we set up the cages, on saturday we decorate and i also bring in my drawing and photos that i entered, sunday i bring my rabbits to the fair, monday is the actual show so i will be there 7:00 am to probably 5:30 pm. As much as i love showing, it is really stressful. One thing thats really been bothering me is the fact that i dont know who im bring to fair (wich rabbits).

This is what has currently been going on in my head......
"Do i want to bring oliver or am i just wasteing my time?"
"Should i use Jimmy for showmanship or is he going to freak out and bite my hands again?"
"Do i bring Chester or joey?"
"Well, joeys has a nice head, but his fur is stained, but on the other hand dose Chester even have all his toenails (he was attacked by a weasle) and is he the right weight"
"At least i know ive got Simba"
"Hmmm, what if i use her for showmanship?" 
"Oh my gosh!!! i need to pick the picture im entering! AHHH"
"Where is the double sided tape?"
"How am i supposed to stick my drawing to the fancy paper if i have no  double sided stick tape?"
"Oh shoot, i completely forgot about the record book..."

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Whats New?

Well, Its been a while since my last post, however there have been many changes. First, I have a barn now!!!! Its 16x12, red, and really awesome. Also i have two new goats!! On the left is Penelope and on the right is Peaches. Both are a little over 2 months old. Something interesting that i found out is that Peaches is from the same mother as Lily and Daisy, wich is why Lily and Peaches are practicaly twins!
Also in a few weeks (hopefully!) i will be getting my Chickens and Ducks!
In the picture below you can tell Lily isn't really sure what to think about her new sisters. For the first day or two Lily and Daisy were absolute bullys twords the little girls, Daisy would full on charge them! it was horrible! but they have since worked things out, and boy am i glad considering Lily (the biggest) who weighs around 65 ish pounds, and has 4.5 inch long horns could do some real damage to the poor little girls who are only 12 ish pounds and a foot tall!

Also, i have been getting ready for the fair! so much to do and so little time. The rabbit i used for showmanship last year lost ALL the fur on his stomach and legs over the last five or so months! so i spent alot of time "training" a new rabbit and turns out i would have been able (most likely) to use him because i found out rubbing mashed up banana on your scalp help hair grow i though about this for a while and figured "hey, its just banana, its worth a try", and turns out it works amazingly to regrow a rabbits fur too! So, my best rabbit is looking pretty good again and is healthy all thanks to a simple banana.
Below is Jimmy, the rabbit i spent alot of time training. I am going to use him for showmanship this year so Oliver (the one who lost the fur) has time to fully heal and what not.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spring Plans!!!

Well, I am pretty bad at keeping up with my blog in honest truth. I try so hard....but yeah. Anyway I have got some major things happening in spring! I just can't wait. To begin i will be getting (drumroll) Chickens!, Ducks!, More Goats!, and....... something else! Also there will, in fact be a barn in the next few months. Of course if you get a barn it is absolutely necassary to get a ???????
I will be getting 4-6 chickens, 4 ducks, and 2 goats. I am purchaseing the goats from the nice women who sold me Lily and Daisy (below).

There are some other animals that need to be talked about (before i dont post anything for another few months).
First is that beautifle thoroughbred horse in the picture below. He is a retired race horse, and he is also only 3 years old. His name is "Big Pete", and what an appropriate name it is. He stands about 16.5 Hands High (keep in mind hes only three years old). However Peteyboy, as my friend and i call him, has a very sad story. Pete was retired from horse racing at the age of 3, he was retired because he "lacked competative drive". He was trained from a very young age and probably suffered from premature joint problems. This is fairly self explanatory, when horses are trained from a young age (im talking around six months old, not a year old)  the harsh training that a race horse goes through can do permanate damage. The truth is, Pete will suffer from a great amount of joint pain by time he is 20 (if no surgery is preformed), also his joints could be permanatly injured. Even though its not apparent yet his joints could me mis-shaped or worn down. Pete truly is a sweet heart but you can tell the racing stables have affected his human interaction abilities. Pete was so used to running in and out of his stall to the pasture that now he has almost trampled his owner. Also he suffers from anxiety problems. He digs at the ground exsesively, which developed from waiting in the racing gates and that can do damage to the hoof. Also he is very pushie. Just holding him on the lead rope was difficult. Another thing is, Pete most likely suffers from joint inflamation problems, we found him running in the pasture and a half hour later his right knee was double the size of the other. Luckly Pete had a better fate them most other race horses (who end up getting slaughtered). I could go on and on about race horse mistreatment and health problems as i gave a speech about it recently. Pete is just one example of what can happen to a race horse. To race horse owner "if a horse dosent run, it dosent make money". Its the sad truth but luckly Pete was adopted by a nice lady named Nattalie, and now has a great home.

Below is Cleo, she is a new 4 year old that by friend has welcomed into her barn. Cleo will start training to become a barrel horse this spring. She is such a sweet heart and stands only 13.8 HH. She also looks alot like Peteyboy aside from the fact she is nearly 5 hands shorter, they have the same color and everything. 

Last is Peanut (the golden) and Bella (the lab). They are the best barn dogs in the world, even though they are not mine (they are my best friends) i still love them.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Horses, I love them, I love to ride, I love to be around them. I have been rideing for about 11 years. My best friend (we have been friends since kindergarden) and I ride together. I have definently had some bad falls, i have fallen of the horse and on to the jump (that hurt alot). Another time i was rideing my friends horse bareback and i guess i wasnt paying attention and the whole bareback pad just fell off (me included). Suppriseingly even though i fell on my side and onto a rock it didn't really hurt. I have fallen countless times, one funny thing i remember is i was rideing english (im a western rider for the most part) and i was getting up on the saddle and i didnt tighten the girth (the thing that pretty much holds the saddle on the horse) and i got up on the saddle and then BOOM the saddle completely went from on top the horse to its stomach (and i hit the ground). I have decided im going to pick up rideing again, i took a break for about 2 years but continued to ride on and off. I think its time to give it a go again...